Every now and then, someone is kind enough to invite me on their podcast, or on radio, to talk about gender-identity ideology.

In February 2020 I talked to Daniel Kaufman of The Electric Agora for meaningoflife.tv.

Earlier that month the ever-so-charming Benjamin Boyce, of Boyce of Reason, let me ramble on at him.

I enjoyed discussing the wonderful WPUK Women's Liberation 2020 conference at UCL in January, with Sophie Scott and Jane Garvey, on BBC Woman's Hour, February 7th 2020—the item on the conference starts around 16:30 minutes into the programme.

And here are a few appearances and interviews that have nothing to do with gender.

I interviewed Tony Blair at The Economist's Open Future conference in London, on September 15th 2018.

I talked about the Right to Die at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney in September 2015.

Phillip Lane of Late Night Live interviewed me about The Economist's support for doctor-assisted dying on the same trip to Australia in September 2015.

And I was the "Sunday Profile" on ABC Radio National on September 20th 2015. It was an opportunity to discuss a wide range of subjects, including my time as a foreign correspondent in Brazil, my early life, bereavement and lots more.

And finally, a few musings on life, the universe—that sort of thing.

In March 2011 the brilliant Kona MacPhee asked me to write for her regular "Six Things" slot on her blog, That Elusive Clarity. At the time I was The Economist's Brazil correspondent. It's interesting to look back and see what sort of thing I was thinking about back then.

Around the same time, I contributed a "Sunday Best" to Kona's blog. I chose Ann Tyler's book "The Accidental Tourist", and explained why it is so special to me.

In 2015 I was one of six people who answered the question: "What's the best number?" for Intelligent Life, The Economist's lifestyle magazine (since renamed 1843). You can see what I and the others answered here (I still think my response is the best).

In 2016 I wrote a long read on slash fiction for 1843. And no, I'm not particularly a fan of the genre - I stumbled across it while researching something else. I was so astonished by it that I just had to find out more - and for me, the best way to do that is to write about it.

In early 2019 I visited Amsterdam for a retreat with the British Psychedelic Society. I wrote about my trip for the New York Review of Books Daily.