Along with what is happening to young people, other groups that are seriously affected include women, who are being condemned as bigots for wanting single-sex spaces where male people cannot enter. And, in theory, everyone is affected by the notion that what makes you straight or gay is the "gender identity" of the people you are attracted to, rather than their sex. But in practice it is gay people, most of all lesbians, who come under pressure to consider sexual partners whose sex puts them outside their dating pool. Many transwomen—people who are male, but identify as women—regard themselves as lesbians, and regard lesbians who don't as bigots.

So I decided I had to write a book about it all. My wonderful agent, Caroline Hardman of Hardman & Swainson LLP, got me a deal with Oneworld, where my wonderful editor is Cecilia Stein. The book is out on July 15th 2021, and has already received a reception beyond my wildest dreams.

I've got endorsements from some of the people I admire most: you can read extracts from these on the book's Amazon page.

The pre-sales have been great. Blackwells is selling signed copies, and it ships free to many countries. It tells me that the books are flying off the shelves, and has already re-ordered twice.

The Mail on Sunday bought exclusive rights to print abridged extracts before publication. The first extract appeared on July 4th.

Woman's Place UK are running an online pre-launch event for me on July 13th, at which I'll be interviewed by Susanna Rustin of the Guardian.

I'm speaking with Maya Forstater of Sex Matters, the new human-rights organisation she has co-founded, at an exclusive round-table event for its super supporters, on July 20th.

For more appearances and the newspaper reviews of the book, click here.